A new way of saying goodbye?

Shortly after I joined Twitter he replied to something I wrote, and retweeted it. It was a thrill. His follow-up comments were insightful, incisive and justified. The exchange drew in some more established Tweeps, a few of them followed me, and I felt that I had truly joined the conversation. We followed each other. Thereafter... Continue Reading →

Too close: from empathy to over-identification

I know what to do. Make sure I know exactly what the diagnosis is, speak confidently about the possible treatments, have an onward plan prepared to allow some positive focus, a constructive approach. He's bound to ask about prognosis but I'll have to deflect that…it’s too early to get into numbers. He's going to need... Continue Reading →

Precious: a legacy of understaffing in healthcare

I've been catching up on Professor Don Berwick, author of the recent NHS safety review. A powerful character, with a powerful, patient centred, emotional approach to healthcare - so emotional in fact that his audiences have shed tears, and readers have cried over his essays. He has said, of the patient-physician dynamic, “Some say doctors... Continue Reading →

Journeymen: why aren’t doctors more loyal to the NHS?

The NHS is being dismantled, privatised, on that I think most are agreed. There appears to be a groundswell of resistance to this, at least there does if you spend time on Twitter. Here socially engaged, predominantly left wing commentators rally to the cause, but beyond the Twittersphere the story does not seem to attract much attention.... Continue Reading →

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