Switching off

Map from website 'Strait through: Magellan to Cook and the Pacific' It was the day before Christmas. Matt was an FY2* working in an acute Trust. His registrar explained, 'Our job, today, is to set a course for each of our patients, make sure their treatment is right, resuscitation and escalation decisions considered, frequency of... Continue Reading →

Hollow heroes

Artist unknown, photo taken in Covent Garden market 14.12.13 Justifiably or not, young doctors are inspired and motivated by the thought that they might, one day, save somebody’s life. Opportunities come rarely, but spend long enough in a hospital and one day you will find yourself in a situation where a single action (be it... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Spoken/Unspoken: hidden mechanics of the patient-doctor relationship

Since publishing the last collection of posts in Motives, emotion and memory - exploring how doctors think I have asked myself – where am I going with this? What is the common thread? These posts came from a desire to explain how doctors arrive at medical decisions. They required a degree of honesty and a... Continue Reading →

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