In hospital medicine, long term relationships with patients are rarer than one might expect. During training (which lasts until your mid-30's, and even longer for those who prevaricate!) it is unusual to stay in one Trust for more than a year. Becoming a consultant allows such relationships to develop, and this adds a depth of... Continue Reading →

Frigidarium: on post-mortems, and taking the plunge

  Frigidarium of the Baths of Caracalla, Rome (built 212-216) The history of medicine is starred with single-minded men and women who were not afraid to look into the cold bodies of those whom they had failed to save. They did their best, but saw the post-mortem as a final duty. Thus they learnt what... Continue Reading →

The good in him

This post was inspired by two things - a talk at our hospital by Dr Umang Patel, Paediatrician and Clinical Transformation Lead at Aviva Health UK, during which he mentioned the 'noble paradox' where, to put it simply, good people end up doing bad things; and a paper ‘Culture, compassion and clinical neglect: probity in... Continue Reading →

Students, you make us better doctors!

  As a medical student, I remember a consultant saying to me, "Watch what I do, take away what you like, forget what you don't. Do that throughout your career and you'll end up emulating the best of your trainers." I found this strange, as it encouraged me to scrutinise the way senior doctors behaved.... Continue Reading →

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