Hurricane Katrina and the DNR fallacy

It happened nearly a decade ago, and although the details were there to be read in articles and commentaries, the publication of Sheri Fink's book 'Five Days At Memorial' has provided an opportunity to explore the tragedy. However, for all the comprehensive detail, the author has been accused by the protagonist with the highest profile,... Continue Reading →

Interactive Ward Ethics 3: Obedient

Having survived the challenges presented to her in Collusion and Dangerous, Nina must now negotiate her way through another nightmare week, in Obedient. Here she finds herself questioning a consultant’s decision to set limits of care on a young patient with a life threatening problem. What should she do – obey, question, or seek alternative opinions?... Continue Reading →

Interactive Ward Ethics 2: Dangerous

This is the second interactive post, and the scenario places our long suffering but excellent medical registrar, Nina Charan, in a no-win situation. She observes a colleague, another registrar, making a complete mess of a delicate medical procedure, and has to decide how to deal with it. Should she ignore it, manage it herself, give him... Continue Reading →

Interactive Ward Ethics 1: Collusion

Welcome to the first interactive medical ethics adventure on the Illusions of Autonomy blog. You will guide an experienced trainee doctor, Nina Charan, through a difficult but not uncommon scenario, and in exploring the consequences of various decisions will experience the risks and pitfalls that are encountered on medical wards. It may end after just... Continue Reading →

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