Interactive Ward Ethics 1: Collusion

untitledWelcome to the first interactive medical ethics adventure on the Illusions of Autonomy blog. You will guide an experienced trainee doctor, Nina Charan, through a difficult but not uncommon scenario, and in exploring the consequences of various decisions will experience the risks and pitfalls that are encountered on medical wards. It may end after just two decisions, or it may require 5 or 6 to reach a conclusion. Feel free to go back and forth, using your web browser’s back arrow, or the ‘Back to Section 1’ link at any time to reset. It’s not really about getting to the end – more the ups and downs that occur on the way.

The first scenario concerns an elderly lady whose son forbids the medical team to tell her about a serious diagnosis.

Good luck! Click here to start.


NB. Nina Charan is the main character from my novels Proximity and Extremis, in which she becomes involved in a medical ethics conspiracy. In these adventures she will appear to function in isolation, but it can be assumed that the decisions she makes, that you make for her, represent the view of the whole team including the consultant.


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