Thoughts of a Lord on the eve of a debate

-- Announcement -- Welcome to the blog. Here you will find 100 posts exploring aspects of medicine that have preoccupied or challenged me during training and the first 3 or 4 years as a consultant. I began to write in August 2012, and managed, against expectation, to produce one post a week for two years. I am... Continue Reading →

Introduction to ‘A face to meet the faces’

  This is the third collection of blog posts to be published since I started writing regularly in August 2012.  The title of this book, A Face to Meet The Faces, represents a change of focus. I am interested in describing the workings of the medical mind - all the ticks, clicks, springs and processes... Continue Reading →

The naive detective

Medical education provides those lucky enough to receive it with knowledge that allows them to see into the lives of others. It must be wielded with care.   During a brief foray into infectious disease medicine, I saw my virology consultant enter the lab in a quandary. In her lunch hour (they do exist, I have... Continue Reading →

Diurnal variation

Two old friends spot each other in the cafeteria of their local hospital. They know one another well enough, and have lived long enough, not to be embarrassed about being seen, but they keep the details of their medical complaints to themselves. So they talk about the doctors – in general terms.   Dorothy begins.... Continue Reading →

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