Why did that man receive CPR? – Part 2

In Part 1  of this imaginary inquiry I asked several doctors why a 96 year old man was subjected to two cycles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. My search for accountability was not successful. The AMU consultant led me down a path I hadn’t explored before – into a half-lit world of philosophical uncertainty. Was it wrong,... Continue Reading →

Why did that man receive CPR? – an imaginary inquiry

Reviewing the notes of a frail 90-something patient who had undergone an unsuccessful resuscitation attempt, I imagined touring the hospital and asking each doctor involved in his care why they had not thought to make a DNACPR decision. It went like this…   The Emergency Department SHO: ‘We don’t really think about DNR decisions unless... Continue Reading →

Two weeks in January

  What a fortnight. During what has been described by some (not all) as a ‘crisis’, hospitals around the country have found themselves full to the brim. Patients (and nurses to look after them) have been moved into 'escalation areas', meaning that doors which usually open onto sleepy corners or waiting rooms now reveal eccentric... Continue Reading →

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