Phoning it in

All this talk of 24/7 working set me thinking about the strange arrangement we have in medicine - that of being on-call from home. It makes sense for senior doctors to be contactable and available to come in if needed, but so much of medicine relies on the visual, tactile and overall impression gained by being... Continue Reading →

A final act

This post is about the difference between responsibility and accountability. If you are a doctor it is likely that at some point you will be asked to attend the coroner’s court. It is a nerve-wracking and intimidating experience. The relatives of the deceased patient may be just a couple of metres away from you. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

The guiding hand

M.C. Escher - Hand with reflecting sphere   It's a common enough feeling but one that is rarely expressed. This patient did express it - or at least her husband did for her. The patient had undergone multiple investigations and several procedures during three stays in hospital. Her GP had referred her for a review... Continue Reading →

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