Guilt trips

  Two registrars talk.   A. A chill goes down my spine whenever I hear about a doctor going to jail. What about you? B. For medical negligence you mean? Not for other stuff. A. Yes. For messing up badly. The missed septic arthritis, the overlooked peritonitis, mistaken identity leading to a wrong decision... B. You feel... Continue Reading →

3AM, eternal

A NHS Trust was found to have transgressed a patient's human rights this week. A young man with severe learning disabilities, Carl Winspear, was made ‘Not For Resuscitation’ at 3 o'clock in the morning without a discussion taking place with his mother. He did not have mental capacity to be involved in the decision, and it was... Continue Reading →

Decisions, decisions – informed consent in the 21st century

  Obtaining consent for medical procedures has become more nuanced, and potentially more demanding for doctors. The Supreme Court has decided that information given during the consent process should include any ‘material risk’ that a ‘reasonable person’ in that patient’s situation would want to know about. Quoting from the Nadine Montgomery judgement, “The test of... Continue Reading →

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