Justice and safety: a dialogue on the case of Dr Bawa-Garba

  Everyone must have a view. Thousands have expressed theirs. Many have committed to funding an independent legal review. None were there. None heard what the jury heard. Most have read the essentials of the case, and we are worried that if we commit a serious clinical error, we may be ‘hounded’, ‘scapegoated’ or ‘persecuted’, first by the criminal... Continue Reading →

Unreconstructed: the challenge of delivering candour

The duty of candour is now a law of candour. Regulation 20 of the Health and Social Care Act came into force on November 27th 2014, and requires a Trust to inform patients swiftly after the recognition of significant harm events. 10 working days appears to be the expected timeframe (this document from the CQC explains it well.)... Continue Reading →

Candour crunch: being honest about risks in healthcare

The report ‘Building a culture of candour - A review of the threshold for the duty of candour and of the incentives for care organisations to be candid’ makes very interesting reading. It seeks to define levels of harm that should trigger an approach to patients and relatives, and explores how organisations can be encouraged... Continue Reading →

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