Introduction to ‘When Windows Become Mirrors’

     When Windows Become Mirrors The 5th collection of articles from Illusions of Autonomy   Dedication To the readers of my blog who through their interest have encouraged me to keep writing for 5 years, and especially to those who have helped spread the word on Twitter, that powerful but mercurial invention. *** This... Continue Reading →

Introduction to ‘A Hand In The River’

Click image to explore in Amazon   This is the fourth collection of posts from Illusions of Autonomy, and possibly the last. From now on posts will be intermittent and far less frequent.   During my medical training I observed many situations that led me to reflect on how I, or my colleagues, had reacted.... Continue Reading →

Introduction to ‘Motives, emotions and memory – exploring how doctors think’

I have compiled an e-book from the most popular Illusions of Autonomy blog posts, and I have reproduced the Introduction here. It's available on Kindle here! oOo   I wrote these posts to explain the words and actions of doctors in ethically challenging situations. It was a cheeky thing to attempt, as I could not... Continue Reading →

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