Journeymen: why aren’t doctors more loyal to the NHS?

The NHS is being dismantled, privatised, on that I think most are agreed. There appears to be a groundswell of resistance to this, at least there does if you spend time on Twitter. Here socially engaged, predominantly left wing commentators rally to the cause, but beyond the Twittersphere the story does not seem to attract much attention.... Continue Reading →

The day assisted dying became legal: choices

As a supporter of assisted dying (AD) I ask myself  - ‘What will I actually do if it becomes legal?’ I haven’t travelled to Oregon or Washington state to see how it works, nor have I talked to doctors or nurses who are involved, but I think it is important to anticipate one’s response. After... Continue Reading →

NHS2 in the year 2053 – a sideways look at the future

The Hub headquarters, glass clad and monolithic, glistened from its dominant position at the north end of the campus. I stared up at it, but was soon drawn back to the shabby, warehouse-like building to my right which appeared to have received little attention since the winter of ’45, the year I had worked in... Continue Reading →

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